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The clutch pack for the DR650 is a wet clutch and is lubricated by the same engine oil that lubricates the engine and transmission.  Because of this it is important that you don't use regular car engine oil in your DR650 as this will cause your clutch to slip.  When it does slip, its time to change the oil to a proper wet clutch oil and change out the clutch pack.  Maybe it's also time for an upgrade.


90-93 DR650R Clutch



1996+ DR650SE Clutch


Stock Clutch Parts

DR650 S/R/RS/SE/RE/RSE and U-type

Year Friction Plates Friction Plates Metal Plates Metal Plates Spring
1990 21441-12D00 (t:2.8)(6)

(Superseded by 2144-112D01)

21442-12D00 (t:3.5)(1)

(Superseded by 21442-37401)

21451-12D00 (t:1.4)(6)

(Superseded by 21451-14A00)

91-93 21441-12D01 (t:2.8)(6) 21442-12D00 (t:3.5)(1)

(Superseded by 21442-37401)

21451-12D00 (t:1.4)(6)

(Superseded by 21451-14A00)

94-95 21441-12D01 (t:2.8)(6) 21442-12D00 (t:3.5)(1)

(Superseded by 21442-37401)

21451-14A00 (t:1.4)(5) 21451-05A00 (t:2.0)(1) 09440-20013
1996 DR650RS/RSU 21441-12D01 (t:2.8)(6) 21442-12D00 (t:3.5)(1)

(Superseded by 21442-37401)

21451-14A00 (t:1.4)(5) 21451-05A00 (t:2.0)(1) 09440-20013
1996- DR650SE 21441-31D00 (t:3)(7) 21441-44B01 (t:3)(1) 21451-44B00 (7)   09440-20016




Barnett aftermarket clutches are a nice upgrade for the DR650.  You will need figure out which plates you need and purchase the appropriate number of each.  If you are replacing your steel plates, you can also get Barnett plates as a matching set.


Model Year Friction Plate Metal Plates Spring
DR-650S 1990-93 301-70-10007(6)


401-35-055002(6) 501-87-04009
DR-650S 1994-95 301-70-10007(6)


DR-650SE 1996-09 301-70-10005(8) 401-70-063004(7) 501-87-04009






EBC makes a high quality heavy duty clutch kit that is better than OEM.


Model Year CK Series # Spring Kit # DRC Series #
DR 650S 1992-95 CK3402 CSK115 DRC59
DR 650 SE 1994-95 CK3402 CSK115 DRC142
DR 650 SE 1996-09 CK3386 CSK4 DRC87


Manufacture's hype on DRC Series (full kit):


Manufacture's hype on the Standard - CK Series:

Cork based replacement clutch exactly the same as used on the street series CK clutch plates described above. A general all purpose replacement unit.


EBC only sell complete kits as replacing single plates is deemed unwise. The object is to reset the clutch to its original stack height and just replacing one plate will not achieve that and promote clutch slip.


Many off road clutches use aluminum separator plates which wear quickly and muddy the oil. If this has happened in your engine, flush the drive case, change the oil and rebuild the clutch with a complete DRC kit which includes STEEL separator plates that not only prevent wear but increase flywheel effect of the engine and improve performance.






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